Rashad Skinner, LCSW-S

Rashad Skinner is the founder and Executive Director of Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. His non-profit agency has been working families by providing counseling and training for over a decade to preserve and improve the family unit for children. Prior to founding the agency, Rashad’s social work expanded to include helping clients in hospital settings, treating drug addiction in the criminal justice system, and with families involved in the child welfare system. He specializes in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, structuralism, and grief counseling. Rashad has bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and Master’s in Social Work. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervisor, DWI educator, and parenting instructor.

Andrea Fattal, Volunteer Social Media Manager

Andrea's professional marketing experience lies in digital ad creation for hotel marketing and event purposes and freelance work for small businesses. She is a third-year student completing a B.A. in Communications and Political Science with an emphasis on nonprofits. As part of one of her nonprofit courses, she has chosen to complete volunteer hours for a skills development project with the agency. Along with her marketing background, she has strong administrative skills that benefit any organization.