Our Mission

The mission of Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. is to provide healing development and empowerment to individuals and families enabling them to reach their potential for the benefit and improvement of children's lives. 

Our Origin Story

In 2009, ARS Resources was formed as a sole proprietorship inside a small office in Saint Paul AME church in Greenpoint.  At the time, our sole purpose was to provide counseling and assessments to families involved in the child welfare system. In the first year, the agency saw over 100 clients and 300 clients in the second year. By the fall of 2011, the demand for services provided by ARS Resources exceeded the availability of the office space at the church. In October of that year ARS Resources moved to its current location on the corner of 1960 and Veterans Memorial. 

While at this location, we continued to see solely clients involved in the child welfare system. In 2014, we were given opportunity to start providing drug counseling, anger management, and parenting classes for clients involved with the criminal justice system.  Our outpatient drug program provides treatment, evaluation, DWI Education, parenting classes, and individual counseling in addition to the services that we continued to provide for CPS. As ARS resources grew so did the need for more employees. By 2016, the practice had grown to serve over 500 clients in that one year. Our successful growth prompted an improved business structure. In 2018, the name was changed to Sapphire Therapeutic Services and the agency was incorporated as a 501C3 organization with the purpose of providing mental health and drug outpatient treatment for children their families in and around Harris County. That same year we began providing free mental health services for survivors of domestic violence.

Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. continued to grow through 2019 to the point where we poised to add a second location in Fort Bend County and a third location in Pearland. By the end of 2019, the agency was listed as a 211 United Way Resource and began accepting Traditional Medicaid. However, before we could make the expansion, the coronavirus pandemic began and our growth stalled. Throughout 2020 our clientele decreased. As our clientele decreased, so did the need for our employees. By the middle of 2020, all of our licensed clinicians were reduced to as needed and meeting clients virtually only. The State had not accepted virtual mental health at the beginning of the pandemic, causing the agency to discontinue our eleven-year relationship TDFPS. By end of 2020, our clientele was reduced to a little over 150 clients - the lowest number of clientele served since we opened in 2009. The numbers families we serve continue to drop through 2021 to 126 clients. 

Despite the downturn over the past two years, at the beginning of 2022 we began a new approach to generating revenue including adding social media into our outreach efforts. Our founder, Rashad Skinner, became featured in magazines and blogs including Fatherly Magazine, Authority, and Voyage Houston Magazine.  We also began fund raising through grant writing and for the first time since incorporating in 2018. In addition, we began accepting private insurance to assist families in affording mental health treatment. As a result of these changes, the first quarter of 2022 has yielded steady climb in clients. In March 2022, Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. has not been dependent upon federal aid for support in two years. Our programs are now providing services for 43 clients in the March 2022 alone. Our fundraising efforts now include grant writing for our current programs, expanding the domestic violence mental health services, and our upcoming HBCU Prep Program in the fall. 

With our new strategies for growth, we hope to become a provider for more than just traditional Medicaid but all managed care organizations who provide Medicaid benefits. We also plan to provide a learning environment for social workers seeking advancement in their licensure. The results of these efforts have put Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. on a pace to allow us to reach our goals of providing services for more clients in this upcoming year than we have since starting over a decade ago. Furthermore, we plan to re-connect with CPS in 2023 and re-engage clients involved in the family court system. 

Our goals for 2022 

  • Begin the HBCU program and establish a volunteer corps 
  • Increase our social media presence to 1000 followers/friends on any social media platform 
  • Fundraise for $100,000 from foundation and corporations 
  • Increase outreach efforts for the domestic violence initiative 
  • Become a provider for all local Medicaid MCO’s 
  • Increase outreach efforts for the drug treatment to Montgomery County 
  • Restart planning for a second location 
  • Develop the board of directors and increasing its members 

Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. - Houston

Our North Houston office is conveniently located on the corner of FM 1960 Rd. West where Stuebner Airline Rd. changes names to Veterans Memorial Drive. We are halfway between the North Freeway and Willowbrook Mall. Three public bus routes meet on FM 1960 at Veterans Memorial in front of this location:

  • 86 Willowbrook
  • 96 FM 1960
  • 108 FM 1960

Click here to find a time that fits your particular route.

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