Allegories of Addiction Podcast

These addiction-specific episodes use narratives from the Bible, Quran, and Torah as metaphors about how addiction can affect your life.

Swim Lessons

 In this episode, I recall watching children learn to swim at a local park. Watching them struggle to get across the pool is an amazing example of perseverance. Just like we struggle with our own battles, it is easy to forget that we have succeeded in the past and we will succeed again if continue to persevere. 

The Wrong Tree

 In this episode, I break down how we take for granted the good life we had before. Free will isn't free, it comes with a cost. 

 The Near Death Experience 

 Thanks for joining me on this installment of The Therapist Wears Sneakers. This was a period I recorded during my intensive outpatient group sessions. One of the clients had a near death experience and I breakdown how her true life story is the Allegory of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. 

My Brother's Keeper

This episode put you in the hot seat and examines the effects your use has on those who care about you. This is the "You're the bad guy" episode by breaking down the old Cain and Abel story. 

Elijah and the Two Bears 

In this episode, I tell the story of a bear attack. I discuss how people don't understand what it took for you to get to where you are now. It is frustrating when people mock what they don't understand. Especially when they don't understand your struggle. Listen in while I lace up my sneaks and break down how to treat the haters.

 Thomas Paine

Although he died penniless, Thomas Paine was a great motivator. In this episode, I veer from the Bible stories and talk about how you can tell you are on the right path even though it seems like the walls are falling down around you. Thomas Paine teaches how to adapt to the times that try our souls.