Parent Talks

Dealing with the School System

In this unedited episode of The Therapist Wears Sneakers I sit down with a middle school principal and discuss some of the questions parents often have but don’t ask. I break in my new sneaks discussing the myths of Special Ed, the purpose of standardized testing, and other topics. I didn’t get a chance to edit it too much because the topic of standardized testing has become an issue this week in Texas and I wanted to get this discussion out while parents, teachers, and students are grappling with the STAAR during the pandemic. I must warn you this is a lengthy podcast but very informative. For comments or suggestions for future episodes, contact me on Instagram @thats.helpful

Two Dads Come Into a Podcast

In this episode, I take a walk with Marcus, a father of two Autistic boys. Instead of being leisurely stroll in my sneaks, we went on a spiritual journey about fatherhood, loss, and being overwhelmed with life. Marcus shares his experience and personal battles that he had to overcome to be the father, Autism advocate, and husband he is today.