Outpatient Drug Treatment

We're all juggling busy schedules. That's why we, at Sapphire Therapeutic Services, are constantly looking for new ways to make life easier for our clients. Our Intensive and Supportive Outpatient (IOP/SOP) programs are virtual or in person in the evenings. We also of a 12-hour (3 nights/4 hours each night) DWI Education course.

Drug abuse effects not only the person using, but those who care and love for that person as well. While participating in our 90 day SOP (two hours a week) and 10 week IOP (six hours a week) treatment, clients work towards:

  • Using their talents to overcome alcohol and drug use
  • Seeing how their use is negatively affecting people around them
  • Learning their use is keeping from reaching your potential
  • Breaking the cycle between relapse and sobriety
  • Adjusting to the lifestyle change of sobriety
  • Rebuilding relationships and planning for a better tomorrow.

****Currently these services are offered virtually only using Zoom.us.

sad lady because of drug use