The Podcast

This listener supported podcast is all about the art of conversation with a therapist about the everyday struggles. These laid back conversations are filled with humor in one moment and serious talk in the next. Topics cover all aspects of mental health from addiction to spirituality in the form of simple a conversation. Instagram @thats.helpful

Finding Love

 Finding Love Pt 1

 In this episode, I sit with two couples who discuss their new found loves and their stories. Tiera and Nichole have had love and lost love but now they are with “The One”. We discuss finding love organically, dating apps, and overcoming our baggage. This is the first of three episodes with these two wonderful couples. 


Allegories of Addiction

These addiction-specific episodes use narratives from the Bible, Quran, and Torah as metaphors about how addiction can affect your life.

Two Dads Come Into a Podcast

In this episode, I take a walk with Marcus, a father of two Autistic boys. Instead of being leisurely stroll in my sneaks, we went on a spiritual journey about fatherhood, loss, and being overwhelmed with life. Marcus shares his experience and personal battles that he had to overcome to be the father, Autism advocate, and husband he is today.