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Social Work Clinical Supervision

Rashad Skinner is the founder and Executive Director of Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. He has been working families by providing counseling and training for over two decades to preserve and improve the family unit for children. Prior to founding the agency, Rashad’s social work expanded to include helping clients in hospital settings, treating drug addiction in the criminal justice system, and with families involved in the child welfare system. He specializes in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, structuralism, and grief counseling. Rashad has bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and Master’s in Social Work. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervisor, DWI educator, and parenting instructor. 

Rashad Skinner has over 20 years for clinical experience. In his career, he has worked in hospital settings, schools, State offices, and foster agencies. Supervision with Rashad best suits the social worker planning on private practice. Topics in supervision cover:

  • Developing and maintaining a practice
  • Ethical concerns and client confidentiality
  • Establishing community resources and revenue streams.
  • Client niche development.

With his leadership, Sapphire Therapeutic Services has provided field practice hours for students from: 

  • Sam Houston State University
  • University of Houston
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Pepperdine University

Rashad started working in the community right out of college as a Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworker. His first case was an extremely premature, medically fragile, baby born to a teenage mother. She was in no position to care for the baby but, if given the opportunity early in her pregnancy, this situation could have been prevented. The more he worked with families and children in foster care, the more he realized many of these children could have been or were capable of being returned home if the parents were equipped with the tools necessary to provide for them. He would attempt to help as many families as he could but there was so much bureaucracy and litigation, he felt he could not help the community from the position he was in. Rashad decided the best way  to really change this inadequate system was to climb the ladder and make a difference. So he decided to get a graduate degree and equip parents myself. Fix families and not break them up. 

Years passed as he worked at different social service agencies in different capacities. He never made the moves necessary to make the difference he wanted. He believed the only way to make change was with a big company. In 2009, he came to the realization that he was spinning his wheels all this time, hoping someone else would give him the opportunity to help. Soon he found himself in the same position as the people who needed assistance. He lost my job. He put his faith in others; hoping they would provide the chance to lead, rather than having faith in himself to empower the community he wished to serve. He was unemployed, disenfranchised, with no prospects and to make it even more interesting, his wife and he were expecting their first child. He came to the realization this was a predicament he brought upon himself. He put someone else in charge of his dream. This desire to help the community was his dream and he was looking for someone else to give him the chance. 

Today, he is the Executive Director of  Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc.,  a 501(c)3 agency that can help families reach their hopes and dreams. The mission of Sapphire Therapeutic Services, Inc. is to preserve and improve the family unit for children.